How do I know if my business is in compliance? +

Is your business operating within the limits established by Federal wage and hour law? Unless your constantly conducting research about your rights, obligations and responsibilities under federal wage & hour law, how do you know if your business really is “in compliance"? LLC continuously monitors amendments to federal wage and hour law, current litigation, and USDOL Wage & Hour Division internal enforcement positions that directly affects your business. Schedule a 15 minute consult

What are some of the questions I should ask myself to check if my business is in compliance? +

For instance, some questions you should consider asking yourself is:

  • Am I paying for all "compensable" hours of work?
  • Have I misclassified any of my employees?
  • What does exempt vs non-exempt mean and can I claim certain exemptions?
  • Do I need an employer handbook? If so, why?
  • What if I receive a letter from the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) Wage and Hour Division advising me that an investigation has been initiated?
  • Am I going to know what I’m being investigated for?
  • Do I need an attorney? Schedule a 15 minute consult

If I am being investigated, can LLC help? +

Once you’re under investigation, you are already at a disadvantage. USDOL will not inform you of the specifics of their investigation. At this point, it is imperative that you call us so that we can help you learn of your rights and obligations, and attempt to answer any questions you may have. Schedule a 15 minute consult

Why should I call LLC instead of an attorney first? +

Retaining legal counsel can be very expensive, and not all lawyers have labor law specialization. This means that many lawyers will need to hire experts to assist them in representing you. Experts like us will usually be involved in your case either way. Unless you've been sued, it may not be necessary to obtain legal counsel. Labor Law Consultants (LLC) can help guide you through the process of a federal investigation. Schedule a 15 minute consult

What are considered "compensable" hours of work? +

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has specific regulations that define what are considered hours of work. We can help you navigate through those regulations. Schedule a 15 minute consult

Do I have employees? Independent Contractors? +

Learn of the factors that are applied to determine whether you've properly classified your work force. Schedule a 15 minute consult

What are the specifics that I need to know about tipped employees? +

Tipped employee provisions under the FLSA have gone through recent changes administered by the USDOL Wage & Hour Division. Litigation is on-going throughout the country. LLC can help shed light on these changes and make recommendations on your internal payroll process to ensure compliance. We can help minimize exposure to backwages, liquidated damages and civil monetary penaties. Schedule a 15 minute consult

Who is Labor Law Consultants, LLC.? +

Abraham Leal (Owner/Consultant) is a former USDOL Wage & Hour Division Investigator/Farm Labor Specialist(RETIRED)and opened Labor Law Consultants, LLC after early retirement in 2008. He has over 32 years of federal wage and hour law experience. Schedule a 15 minute consult

Does the FLSA apply to my business? +

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Are there any Minimum Wage and/or Overtime exemptions that I can claim? +

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Do my employees have private rights of action? +

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Does the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) apply to my business? If so, what are my obligations and responsibilities? +

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Do you assist agricultural employers, farmers, farm labor contractors or agricultural associations? +

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